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Teeth can be moved into the right position at any stage of life

Specific to how complex the movement of teeth needs to be, we offer adults the right orthodontic treatment technique for a perfect set of teeth.


Treat yourself to a beautiful smile

Many adults wait until later on in life to undergo orthodontic treatment. As recognised experts in correcting tooth and jaw misalignments, we offer a wide range of treatment options adapted to your specific requirements. We often work together with specialist dentists from other disciplines in order to achieve the best treatment outcome possible. For instance, tooth realignment might go hand in hand with the reconstruction of ‘worn-out’ teeth.



Controlled movement of teeth with brackets

Tooth-coloured ceramic brackets are inconspicuous and allow teeth to be moved in a controlled manner.


Brackets attached on the side facing the tongue

The lingual technique allows brackets to be bonded to the teeth on the side facing the tongue. Guaranteed to remain hidden.


Invisalign aligners are removable, comfortable to wear and tend to be the preferred treatment method for working adults.


Transparent aligners

Besides conventional braces, we also offer modern and largely invisible treatment techniques to move teeth into their desired position.

  • The cost of orthodontic treatment for adults is subject to a range of factors.
  • Depending on the complexity of the tooth misalignment, a wide range of treatment methods are available that offer a different course of treatment for each client.
  • We also often identify a patient’s wish to have ‘worn-out’ teeth reconstructed, something that can be offered in partnership with your private dentist or specialist dentists from other disciplines.
  • This is why we can only clarify the issue of cost after completing a thorough analysis of your own specific tooth misalignment.
  • As part of the initial consultation, we will show you what the possible treatment options are, and what kind of cost is to be expected.
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  • Orthodontists and dentists work closely together but focus on different areas of dentistry.
  • Orthodontics is one of the oldest branches of dentistry and is concerned with identifying and treating tooth and jaw misalignments.
  • An orthodontist specialises solely in the diagnosis and treatment of tooth and jaw misalignments, whereas a dentist assesses the overall health of teeth and diagnoses ailments of the teeth, mouth and oral mucosa.
  • Orthodontists can only treat a healthy set of teeth and therefore depend on close working relationships with dentists.
  • Orthodontists have completed several years of supplementary training following on from foundational dentistry training.
  • As one of our patients you can rest assured that you are being treated by fully qualified specialists. We have the necessary expert knowledge in the field of modern orthodontic treatment methods and are able to recommend a treatment that will best meet your needs.
  • Undergoing treatment from an orthodontist is a matter of trust.
  • Uncertainties can sometimes arise concerning the recommended treatment technique, course of treatment or cost.
  • As a result, parents and other adults want to be sure they are choosing the right orthodontist to treat them or their child.
  • We can provide you with an independent second opinion, which also gives you the opportunity to get to know our practice and its welcoming atmosphere.
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As part of treating jaw misalignments in adults we also sometimes work together with doctors specialising in oral and maxillofacial surgery.